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The Interactive Roundel display is intended for police, local councils and private operators who do not necessarily wish to enforce speed limits, but would rather influence driver behaviour for the better, by positively reinforcing and drawing attention to local speed restrictions in high risk areas such as outside schools, residential areas or industrial environments.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Unipar, the Interactive Roundel display is the result of 25 years experience in developing effective traffic calming displays which have been proven to deliver a positive and enduring change in driver behaviour.



Aluminim & Impact Resistant Polycarbonate








9 Kg (Excluding Battery)

Duty Cycle:

@12 Hours


12V Rechargeable

Recharge Time:

@6 Hours



The high profile 12V portable display can be set to monitor traffic in any speed limit zone from 5 to 70mph. Depending on the location the operator can set the sign to display any roundel limit by via the secure key switch on the rear. As with our dual message display, the operator can select a speed threshold, below which the display will remain inactive, by means of a small handset which is provided. When activated, the display will constantly show the pre-selected roundel together with the message ‘SLOW DOWN' which is pulsed. At the same time, amber warning beacons will alternate at the top and bottom of the illuminated roundel.

The dual message display comes with a variety of options such as advanced data capture for up to 64,000 events and an upgrade for permanent outdoor operation including an integral mains transformer and standard sign fix brackets for roadside post mounting. Please enquire for more details.

The display is fully portable and is driven from a rechargeable 12V power pack which will allow about 12 hours operation between charges. The display is compact enough to fit into its own carry case which can be easily transported and stored in the boot of the car. The display incorporates our latest detection and software technology which has allowed us to manufacture a sleek, slim line design which weighs only 9Kg. Each aluminium display is constructed using advanced LED technology which is software controlled to ensure it never dazzles oncoming traffic. As the light conditions change, so does the luminescent output of the display and with an automatic night time setting, it is safe to use at any time.

5-70 MPH Roundel display
The number in the middle can be changed. The sign may be a 20 mph today but can be changed to 30 mph (or required speed) if taken to another location.