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DVM-500 Plus

Digital Ally’s Digital In-Car Video System utilizes the latest generation of technology that is so small and advanced that the entire Digital Video System is integrated into a replacement rear view mirror. Simply remove the factory rear view mirror and install the Digital Ally DVM system. The video monitor is located behind a high quality “one-way” mirror so that when it’s not in use, it’s invisible.

Thermal Ally

The Thermal Ally is a small, versatile, lightweight thermal camera that allows officers to see things they never would have seen before and prevent them from being exposed to danger, day or night, regardless of the weather.

FirstVu Body Camera

A Law Enforcement Quality, Small, Hands Free, One-Piece, Worn or Mounted, Weather Resistant Digital Video System & Body Camera.

Record video and audio or photograph evidence wherever the job requires, day or night. Record useful meta data such as a date/time stamp, marks, officer ID, event and case numbers, and more.


The New Generation of Digital Video technology being utilized is so advanced and so small that the entire digital video and audio recording system is integrated into a high quality, water resistant machined aluminum law enforcement style flashlight. The size, shape and weight is the same as traditional flashlights.

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