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The Thermal Ally is a small, versatile, lightweight thermal camera that allows officers to see things they never would have seen before and prevent them from being exposed to danger, day or night, regardless of the weather.

Thermal Ally is the perfect tool to assist in routine patrols, fugitive searches, locating evidence, identifying disturbed surfaces, seeing which vehicles have been recently driven, hidden compartments, accident investigations, search and rescue efforts, and much more. When used in total darkness, Thermal Ally increases an officer’s vision, safety and effectiveness, allowing them to work undetected.

Thermal Ally Imaging Camera Features:

160 × 120 VOx Microbolometer Thermal Imaging Core
20 mm Lens – 17° x 12.8° Field of View

Display Palettes:
White Hot – Standard configuration, used to enhance details
Black Hot – Provides scene contrast
Greenbow – Helpful for night use applications
ronbow – For building inspections and diagnostics
Rainbow – Best for displaying small differences in scene temperature
Four AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries & Charger
with LED status indicator lights
AC Power Adapter – Provides continuous power
DC Power Car Adapter – For those who need continuous power
from a vehicle
Lanyards – Neck and Wrist – Accommodates user preference
Soft Camera Case – Protects the camera when not in use
Video Cable – Connect camera to external monitor or recorder
 2GB SD Card – Stores captured still images, up to 500 quantity
Tripod Mount Socket – Connect to a tripod to eliminate camera shakes

Thermal Ally provides crisp image clarity and detail, allowing users to see more of their surroundings, day or night, in good or bad weather. The system features a focus free lens for fast target acquisition and multiple color palettes for accurate identification of targets and evidence. Thermal Ally cameras allow officers to see more in order to operate more safely and efficiently.

Thermal Camera Specifications
Diopter Adjustment: + / - 2%
Start up sequence: <8 seconds
Thermal Sensitivity, Waveband: <80 mK @ f/1.2
Display: 320 x 240 LCD
till Image File Format and Size: 320 x 212 resolution, 229 Kb
Operational Temperature: -4°F – 140°F (-20°C – 60°C)
Weight (including lens): 1.1 lb. (.50 kg)
Size: 7" L x 2.5" H x 3.75" W (177.8 mm x 63.5 mm x 95.25 mm