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Dubbed by the media as the ‘Rolls Royce of laser speed meters' the new SL700 UK Type Approved laser speed meter, designed and produced exclusively by Unipar, is one of the most compact and advanced units available in the world. It comes with an impressive range of advanced features as standard and is fully compatible with the UK Type Approved SpeedEye© digital camera enforcement system.

Simplicity of operation is key to the SL700, together with robust, high quality construction. The operational range of the SL700 is up to 700m hand held and the unit is powered from just two C cells, giving around 50 hours of normal operation. Data logging for up to 4000 events comes as standard as does a host of built in features such as advanced RFI detection, operator selectable speed threshold and a superb oversize LCD display which can be viewed in real time by a secondary observer if required.

Target acquisition on the SL700 is extremely simple thanks to a unique audible target seek feature which ensures foolproof target selection in the most demanding of environments, whilst the units HUD (Head Up Display) displays the target vehicles speed in real time via its in-built LED display. The SL700 in fact has one of the fastest target acquisition times of any laser currently on the market.

The SL700 has data capture for 4000 events as standard. These can be accessed through HyperTerminal, a standard feature of Microsoft Windows. When the SL700 is connected to the data cable supplied, the recorded data can be extracted via a standard PC com port and imported into other software packages such as Microsoft Excel for example, where it can be displayed as a spread sheet or manipulated into a graph or table. This is ideal for operators who also require statistical information such as traffic flow analysis.

The SL700 is supplied in an impact resistant carry case as standard which is small enough to easily fit into a motorcycle pannier. It is also supplied with a high quality wrap round leather case which has an adjustable hand strap for additional ease of operation together with an adjustable lanyard and data cable for PC connection.


Class 1 Laser Certification:

BS EN 60825-1 (2001)


+/- 1mph/kph/knt

Target Acquisition Time:

< 0.288 Seconds


10m to 700m

Operating Temperature:

-10C to +40C

Operating Voltage:

1.9 to 3 V

Battery Life:

> 50 Hours


998 gm

Power Supply:

2 x C type cells

RFI detection

IP55 housing

3 Digit HUD

LCD auto back light