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As an upgrade to our hand held speed detection equipment, we have now developed a discrete digital fixed camera system for private and industrial use. The system incorporates advanced speed detection technology together with digital video capture providing 10 seconds of high quality live image capture for every speeding event.

The camera system is powered by an internal mains transformer which requires a 100-220V supply.For customers who do not want to permanently mount the system with mains supply, we can offer an option of internal rechargeable battery supply which will give around 8-10 hours operation. This will allow the system to be moved from one location to another for maximum coverage and covert deployment.

In addition to the fixed camera system, we also supply a comprehensive software package as standard for back room viewing and cataloguing, allowing easy custom management of all the video files captured.

This advanced system is ideal for any customer who has a problem with on site speeding or whom may just require a system for security monitoring of vehicle movements. As the length of the video recording can be adjusted by the operator, the length of video recording can be from 5 seconds to continuous. For more information on this new system, please contact us and we will be happy to advise.

Recorded video of speeding events are converted and stored as secure files on a standard 1 GB SD card which gives a total storage capacity of 2 hours video. Each video file will contain an overlay which displays speed, date and time. There is also the facility to include a location code which allows easy identification of where the event took place. The camera system can be set up to record speeding incidents of vehicles in a specific direction either approaching or receding depending on the operators requirements.