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Dubbed by the media as the ‘Rolls Royce of laser speed meters' the new SL700 UK Type Approved laser speed meter, designed and produced exclusively by Unipar, is one of the most compact and advanced units available in the world. It comes with an impressive range of advanced features as standard and is fully compatible with the UK Type Approved SpeedEye© digital camera enforcement system.

Dual Message Display

The Dual Message display is intended for police, county councils, parish councils and private operators who do not necessarily wish to enforce speed limits, but would rather influence driver behaviour for the better, by positively reinforcing and drawing attention to local speed restrictions in high risk areas such as outside schools or in residential areas.


As an upgrade to our hand held speed detection equipment, we have now developed a discrete digital fixed camera system for private and industrial use. The system incorporates advanced speed detection technology together with digital video capture providing 10 seconds of high quality live image capture for every speeding event.

Genesis Directional Radar + Display

We believe the Genesis directional radar is by far the best value for money hand held radar on the UK market today and it is now almost standard issue for Speedwatch groups throughout the country!

To greatly enhance the profile of speedwatch initiatives, Unipar Services have just launched a small, lightweight interactive LED speed display.

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