The SL700 laser speed meter continues to be the U.Ks most popular type approved laser speed meter on sale today.

The Dual Message Signs along with all Unipar’s displays are fully portable and come with a variety of options.

The GHD handheld radar a popular choice for speed watch groups can also be used with the interactive sign.

The SpeedTRax is our latest feature packed handheld radar with models available for the traffic & sports market at a very competitive price.

The Giant Sports Timer is our latest sporting addition. The timer adds the dimension of competitiveness to any training session.

Speed Watch.

The GHD handheld radar offering OFCOM certification at a competitive price has always been a popular choice with speed watch and similar groups through the UK. Now since its introduction last year the portable interactive LED sign is proving to be as equally popular when used in conjunction with the GHD giving the added visual impact necessary to positively effect the way the driver behaves.

Guinness book of records.

For many years now Unipar have devoted the same level technology and accuracy to our sporting products as we do to our traffic products. So in April this year the Unipar Sports Speed Display was the product the Guinness book of records used to verify the new world record for the fastest rugby pass.

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In addition to the Unipar Sports Speed Display being used as an invaluable training tool in the competitive world of first class rugby where accuracy and speed of pass is essential.

Now  the Unipar Sports Speed Display by virtue of its ability to accurately read down to a 10th of a MPH/KPH, has now been used by the Guinness World Records to validate the worlds fastest rugby pass.