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We believe the Genesis directional radar is by far the best value for money hand held radar on the UK market today and it is now almost standard issue for Speedwatch groups throughout the country!

This compact unit offers superb quality of manufacture together with an impressive specification including an operator selectable direction sensing capability. The unit operates from a small rechargeable power pack (supplied) or can be powered via a standard 12V vehicle cigarette lighter socket if preferred. When fully charged the portable power pack will provide around 12 hours normal operation.

The direction sensing technology provided by the Genesis radar allows the operator to isolate the traffic flow being monitored from other traffic movement at the touch of a button. This permits traffic to be monitored far more effectively, even in busy traffic flows, where direction discrimination and target identification has proved to be a problem with conventional hand held radar's in the past.

The Genesis hand held radar also features audio Doppler to assist even better target selection as well as automatic display back light, RFI (interference) detection and a weatherproof, impact resistant IP65 polycarbonate housing. The unit is supplied in its own lockable carry case.

To greatly enhance the profile of speedwatch initiatives, Unipar Services have just launched a small, lightweight Interactive LED speed display which is designed to work in tandem with all Genesis hand held radars. When connected to the Genesis radar, the display will provide drivers with a visual warning of their excessive speed, should they exceed the operator pre-set threshold.

This highly effective display will greatly enhance the impact of any speedwatch campaign where the Genesis unit is the principal method of speed detection. Its compact size means it can be transported and stored with ease, and deployment takes just moments. It is connected to any existing Genesis radar by means of a single cable supplied as standard or by an optional wireless remote connection which can operate to distances of up to 250m. The display is supplied with its own miniature stand which provides perfect roadside presentation without creating an obstacle on the pavement for pedestrians.

Each display has the ability for the operator to set up a speed threshold, depending on the location the display is to be deployed. This will ensure that only vehicles exceeding the local speed restriction will activate the display, so drawing their attention to the speedwatch initiative in operation. Through years of supplying full size roadside displays, we know from experience that this technique together with an operator controlled hand held device provides a massive impact to passing vehicles, which in turn has an effective and positive impact on driver behavior.

If you require any additional information on this new display or have any questions regarding compatibility, please contact us direct and we will be happy to advise.



+/- 1mph


1 - 100m


12V internal (VP only)

or external power pack

Auto backlight

Auto power down after 30 min

RFI detection

IP65 housing

Audio Dopple

New Interactive Display For Genesis Radar



12V Rechargeable power pack

Display Weight:

3.6 KG (Including Carry Case)

Cable Connection :

X 1 (2m Length)


X 1 Supplied

Power Pack Charger:

X 1 Supplied

LED Height Speed Threshold:

Inbuilt operator selectable.